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There are many ways in South Florida to hook and catch Tarpon. The possibilities are almost endless but here are the few ways that we target tarpon- Night Time in the various bridges and channels, on the flats with fish laid up, in open bays in different times of the year, and deep in the backcountry, where some of the little babies are.

Once a fish is fed, it is extremely important to do a few things to land this fish. Sometimes you can do everything right and still loose the fish but “hey that’s tarpon fishing”. It is important to bow to the fish as the fish jumps. All that is, is pointing the rod tip at the fish as the fish goes airborne. You don’t want that fish’s full weight tight against your leader or more times than not you will break the fish off. You can try and bow as soon as you see any surface break and that will make a big difference and help you land that fish.

Soon as you feel the fish stop or isn’t running, it is important to reel and gather your line back. Keeping pressure on that fish is extremely important on landing that fish quickly, so the fish is released and can fight another day.

Sometimes when fighting a tarpon, sharks show up to the thrashing and jumping that the tarpon is doing. They usually come out of know where and are all over the struggling tarpon. If this is the case the best thing to do is break that fish off. You will feel much better doing this knowing that the tarpon has a chance to survive as opposed to giving the shark an easy meal.


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